Not one, not two, but THREE enchanting storytellers for  myths, legends and folktales from all around the world. Expect a lively mix of brave lasses and lads, fools, princesses, talking animals and monsters.

The storytelling tent - Saturday and Sunday.

10.30 am    Mike Dodsworth 

11.30 am    Callum McGowan 

12.15pm    Travelling Talesman  

1.30pm    Mike Dodsworth

2.30pm    Callum McGowan 

3.30pm    Travelling Talesman

Wildflower Fairies

Corncockle, Daisy, Dandelion, Foxglove, Primrose, Bluebell or Poppy - who will you see?

Trollz Beauty Booteek

Bernard and Brenda have been busy in their year off setting up their first ever beauty parlour! Their recent venture is inspired by celebrity trolls such as Scum Mudsplashian an' Troll-ella and see’s Brenda & her wife Bernard showcase a range of treatments to help people achieve their flawless troll look. 

Using only natural ingredients (except Bernard's belly button fluff, there’s nothing natural about that). The duo show the benefits of troll beauty-fying including gnarly toenail extensions, hexfoliatin dung facials, wart propagation to eyebrow spreading and everything in between to help tackle that nasty glowing skin condition most humans seem to suffer from.


The is one beauty demonstration you won’t want to miss! SPECIAL FAIRY FAIR OFFER: Free nose hair curling with every troll contour.

Join them on the main lawn at 1pm and 3.30pm 

Facts about Bernard and Brenda 


You might come across one anywhere but Bernard and Brenda are the friendliest, tamest species of Troll (the Eastern Cricket Troll). Do not be afraid and please don’t frighten them too much or they may bolt and head south, as they are migratory at this time of year.


Pictured above - Bernard (left) and Brenda (right), on a walkabout.  Two of the rather rare Eastern Cricket Troll species.


Facts About Trolls (Eastern Cricket)


Food:   Omnivorous (eat all sorts). Wotsits, slugs, snail slime, well-rotted compost, worms, bin contents (no plastic), anything organic and past its sell-by-date. Bogies. White Lightning.  Sherbert.


Interests: Decay processes in general and Dancing. 


Habitats: Old woods, cess pits, swamps, fens, mires, oligotrophic pools, coastal marshes, Alder Carr, recycling facilities


Clothing: Variable.  Anything Vintage, especially cricketer’s protective gear and under-garments


Size: Small, Medium AND Large but inadvisable to investigate too closely.  As in most noble species the female is larger than the male and often bearded.  This is thought to help them identify mates.


Dislike: Morris Dancing, Macro-economics, synthetic musks and artificial flavours, plastic, fungicides, crosswords and disagreement in general.


Afraid of: Fairies, small children, sudden noises, soap.


Abilities: keen sense of smell, especially of each other.  A troll can scent another Troll up to 17 kilometres away, and that’s sniffing downwind.  Even large sizes climb surprisingly well when startled, or when after disused birds nests for salad.


Range and distribution:  Eastern Cricket Trolls are known to pass through Norfolk on migration although some take a more westerly route via the Fens. Breeding grounds unknown but thought to be within walking distance of Skegness.  Wintering grounds also unknown but sightings have been reported from Romney Marsh.


(Source: twilight web Wiki)

Giant Pirates

They’ve adjusted their sails and are heading to Fairy Fair! 

These pirates are coming in from the high seas, they will undoubtedly tell tall tales of their time at sea, but be careful they might try and recruit you into their pirate gang!

The Bee's

Keep your eyes peeled for these very cheeky bee's! 

Maypole Dancing

Be sure to take a twirl around the maypole! 


Live Music - The Rum Dogs - Saturday 26th

A pack of rovers squeezing musical joy out of double bass, guitar, harmonica and percussion: a funky, folky sound performed with humour and passion. Absolutely crackin'. Be sure to catch their performances on Saturday 26th! 12pm and 4pm 

Live Music - Hot Raisin - Saturday 26th May

Combining roots Americana, retro infused Indie and Folk, Hot Raisin will transport you to a place of dreamy melodies and arrangements that are good for the soul - perfect for a visit to Fairyland!


Saturday 26th May - 2pm  

Live Music - The Shackleton Trio - Sunday 27th May

The Shackleton Trio (formerly The Georgia Shackleton Trio) play an exciting blend of Americana, folk and self-penned material. Accompanying herself on the fiddle, Georgia writes and performs 'wordy songs about other people’, instrumentally influenced by British, American and Scandinavian folk traditions, with a regional twist from her native East Anglia.


Georgia’s skills as a singer and instrumentalist have been put to the test in numerous different contexts, and this trio sees her teaming up with guitar powerhouse Aaren Bennett and mandolin ace Nic Zuppardi. Together they have toured the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, appeared at


Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, Towersey Festival, Broadstairs Folk Week, Folk East, and concert halls and folk clubs across the UK.

Catch them in the performance tent on Sunday 27th at 10am and 12pm

Live Music - The Hobblers - Sunday 27th May

Live Music

Join The Hobblers for some footstomping fun! 

Sunday 27th May 11am and 3pm 

Live Music - Champagne & Moonshine 26/27th May

Join Champagne & Moonshine for some acoustic nonsense! 

Saturday 26th May 11am and 3pm

Sunday 27th May 4pm 

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