Real Halloween Trader Booking 





30th and 31st October 2021

Bradmoor Woods, near West Acre, Norfolk

Open 1.30 – 7pm Saturday 30th and 12.30 – 6pm Sunday. 31st


The Real Halloween is an autumnal event designed for children and their families to experience the magic of nature.

The event takes place at Bradmoor Woods near to Narborough and Swaffham. This is a very attractive wooded site with old oaks and other native trees, and open lawn-type grasslands. 

This does not look or feel like any other event.  We want children and families to literally feel they have stepped into another world. Therefore, we avoid all things plastic, generators and vehicles on the event field. 

The Real Halloween ends after dusk fall.  (Note that the clocks change on this weekend).  This change has been made by popular request to enable visitors to use the food stalls and Good Elf Pub and Cafe after the Real Halloween Story, the Parade of Lantern Animals and the Fire Show have ended. 


Most children’s workshops will be booked in advance through our website. This event will give us 1,000 – 1,500 people through the gates each day and the split will be 50% adults and 50% children.


Many the visitors stay for the whole event.  We encourage traders and visitors to dress up in the theme of the event.  All the crew and volunteers will be dressed up and this will give the event a truly magical feel.


NOTE: It is not a plastic horror festival. We do not use pumpkins as they are not native. The event is designed to enchant, not scare children and will celebrate everything that is magical about Halloween and late autumn.  

If you are interested in trading at The Real Halloween, please read our trader sustainability policy, followed by the application form guide before completing your application.