Things to see 

Giant Pirates

They’ve adjusted their sails and are heading to Fairy Fair! 


These pirates are coming in from the high seas, they will undoubtedly tell tall tales of their time at sea, but be careful they might try and recruit you into their pirate gang!

Wildflower Fairies

Keep your eyes peeled for our lovely Wildflower Fairies  Poppy, Corncockle, Dandelion, Bluebell, Foxglove, Daisy-  who might you meet? 

Live Music - Sunday 27th - The Shackleton Trio

So exciting - our hugely talented friends The Shackleton Trio will be joining us at the Sunday of Fairy Fair! 

The Georgia Shackleton Trio combine vocals, fiddle, guitar and mandolin to play a blend of folk, Americana, and self penned material.

The Bee's

Keep your eyes peeled our pair of mischievous bees! 

Wild Touch

We are delighted that the brilliant 'Wild Touch' will be joining us at Fairy Fair once again.


Wild Touch rescue, as the name suggests rescue and rehabilitate wild and exotic animals


Be sure to pop by and see them and meet the friends they have bought along for the weekend - keep you eyes peeled for the mischievous Hugin the Raven!

Live Music - Champagne & Moonshine 26/27th May

Join Champagne & Moonshine in the performance tent for some acoustic nonsense! 

Fairy King and Queen

Children can visit the Fairy King 10 am – 12.45pm and The Fairy Queen 12.45pm- 3.30pm. Free.

Live Music - Hot Raisin


Fancy doing a bit of shopping whilst at the fair? no problem! there will be a host of fantastic traders in attendance for the weekend!

Live Music - The Rum Dogs - 27th May

Walkabout Entertainers

Keep your eyes peeled for our walkabout entertainer who are there to delight and enchant ...warning, there may be some very bad jokes involved! 

Live Music - Sunday 27th - The Hobblers

The Fabulous 'Hobblers' will be joining us on the Sunday of the fair.

Join in for some foot-stomping fun! 

The Good Elf

Enjoy local Real Ales, Cider, Apple Juice, Water and bar nibbles.  Feel free to come with your own Elf Ears.

Try out your most enchanted chat-up lines on the bar staff, who are always ready to give advice.

A good place to shelter or play adult hide and seek.

Delicious Food and Drink

There will be plenty of delicious food and drink on site to keep you fed and waters - check back soon for a full list. 

Fairyland Finale

At 4.30pm the Fairy Queen and King process from their tent with the Wildflower Fairies, Big Bugs, Bees and the Trolls. They will  inspect watering cans and address the crowds from the stage at 4.45pm before closing the fair. 

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